Sri Vasudeva

Sri Vasudeva is a visionary leader who combines ancient wisdom with modern thinking. For many he is a personal guide, coach and counselor. He is also an international speaker and workshop facilitator. Sri Vasudeva is the founder and director of Blue Star, an international non-profit organization dedicated to the total development of human potential. Today, Blue Star has centers in North America, Europe and the Caribbean.

Sri Vasudeva has published internationally in the fields of spirituality, management and systemic psychotherapy. His own publications include, You are the Light, Seek God Within, Self as Leader and Reflections on the Inner Light.

More on Sri Vasudeva:

At the age of 21 Years Sri Vasudeva set out on an intense search for wisdom and not just academic knowledge. The wisdom he was seeking was an understanding of self that would bring about mental and emotional mastery and would enable him to relate to life in a more harmonious way. This led him on a journey of self-discovery that ended with a series of deep experiences that brought about profound inner change at the age of 24 years in 1978. His transformative experiences brought him back into the academic and professional worlds as a teacher, engineer and manager, but with a difference. His goals were now to serve with love and not for self-gain and to work towards creating better communities.

In 1993 Sri Vasudeva decided to commit himself full-time to fostering self transformation in individuals to better fulfill his goals. To this end he created Blue Star, a non-profit organization dedicated to holistic human development and community service. Since the founding of the Blue Star Center in Trinidad, there have been numerous invitations to travel internationally. His powerful vision and presence continue to inspire people from every walk of life and from different parts of the globe. His vision encompasses all areas of human activity and he continues to make significant contributions in the fields of Management, Leadership, Education, Environmental Awareness, Wellness, Counseling and Therapy and Community Outreach. These contributions have resulted in transformative centers being created on two continents.

Experiences of Inner Change

During his intense search he discovered the existence of a subtle energy field that influences every aspect of the human person. The knowledge of this energy field is not new but Sri Vasudeva's direct experience of it opened up his emotional being and led him to a profound experience of unconditional love. This in turn led to a series of experiences over a three-year period where the opening of several energy centers brought him through progressive changes in awareness.

Through these transformative experiences Sri Vasudeva discovered subtle energy fields that relate to the development of Human Potential. The culmination of this process took place over a forty-day period in 1978 when he experienced a complete shift in consciousness. Today he guides others on how to tap into this subtle energy field and translates the science and theory of Kundalini energy into a more modern form without religious connotation. Today, he teaches about these subtle, non-physical energy fields as they relate to every level of human activity. He sees that human beings are constituted by energy fields that cannot be seen but can be powerfully experienced. Tapping into these fields helps us to develop greater mental and emotional intelligence and the improvement of vitality.